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Customer Empathy Series

Message from Professor Mohamed Zairi

There are lots of reasons for legitimizing the embarkation of a new vessel which will guide the Quality Profession towards new heights, a new revolution and new methods of impacting with ‘fit for the new digital oriented purpose’ as a goal.


What We Are & Our Achievements

"We are the global center for pioneering thinking in the field of excellence"

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"We are the House of Excellence"

We create new knowledge
We disseminate new knowledge
We develop people
We guide organizations
We grow the global practice of excellence
Quality in Schools
Quality in Healthcare
Quality in Armed Forces
Quality in Public Services
Quality in Banking
Quality in Industry

Our Latest Releases & Coming Soon

First look of Quality 4.0

"We help modern organizations adapt to the digital world of business transformation and disruptive thinking."

Our Latest Books

"We pave the way for the new meaning of Excellence that has Futuristic Perspective"


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